Days go by
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Days go by
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Days go by through time and before you know it your older and you have about 5 more years left until you die , live life ,be your self and have fun .
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 My Soul Is Mine Alone

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PostSubject: My Soul Is Mine Alone   My Soul Is Mine Alone I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 25, 2014 6:06 pm

They didn't believe in your existence. " Impossible!" They say. But I'm here. When you found me, you may have tortured and beaten me in fear. My soul is still inside me. You can't take that.

This role-play is about a mythical animal from another world who escaped through a portal at their world's end. Hoping for a better future. You came to Earth. The humans saw you and locked you away. They bring others of your kind for you to battle for their entertainment. You must escape and find your friends. Will you? Or die trying.
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My Soul Is Mine Alone
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