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Days go by
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Days go by through time and before you know it your older and you have about 5 more years left until you die , live life ,be your self and have fun .
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 The rankings

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PostSubject: The rankings   The rankings I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 11, 2009 1:51 am

What does a certain rank mean? Here's your answers!

Admin-a Administartor , someone who has the power to ban or unban people and help put the site together , they also help keep the peace.

Moderater- the regular run of the mill Mod they have the power to delete forms and to give warnings ,but they have to check in with a Admin or Super Moderator first .

Golbal moderator - some one who can trasolate things for you , they make sure everything checks in that's in a different laguage.

Super Moderator- The most powerful moderators onn the site , they can delete topics or close them give out WL but need to check with me first .

Helpers-They watch personal stuff , if you have a problem with some one in pm's take a picture of it downlosd it to a free photo hosting site and show it to them , then they will talk to me .

Mini mods - They watch topics that have alot of players and run the adoptuion center , if some one is banned forever we will ask if you would like to put your characters up for adption , or if you already have and just don't want to play in that topic.
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The rankings
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