Days go by
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Days go by
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Days go by through time and before you know it your older and you have about 5 more years left until you die , live life ,be your self and have fun .
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PostSubject: FAQ   FAQ I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 11, 2009 12:14 am

We already have one but Ilike to be different so if you have any questions not answered about this site on this thread post them here I'll ad an abbreviation dictionary later .

where can I find the rules?

How do I change the color of my font?
-look on the bar under the title of the message as you type and look for the box with different colors on it
-If you don't want to use those colors us the normal code and type in the color where you normally would see the name of the color .

What is a roleplay
It's a never ending story , that multiple people can join , or can be one on one .

How do I change my user name?
- Go to profile and you should see it .

what is an Adimin/mod/helper?

How do I become part of the staff?
-The group moderator picks you if you have filled out the proper forms and passed the test.

What's the test given to you for ?
-The test given is to prove you can take the job and do it right .

How do I add to my Album?
-Browse your pics and pick the ones you want to put in , then pm me telling me to look in the gallery

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